24.01.2018 At European Holocaust Commemoration Day Event EJC President Warns: As Holocaust memory fades Europe’s immunization to antisemitism ends
25.01.2017 EJC President Calls on Europe to Adopt Legal Definition of Antisemitism During a Speech at Official EU Holocaust Remembrance Event
27.01.2016 At International Holocaust Remembrance Day Event European Parliament President Schulz Says: “Without the Jews Europe would not be Europe”
05.01.2015 International Leading Figures to Participate in Forum and Examine Practical Solutions to rising Anti-Semitism and Racism in Europe
28.01.2014 At Holocaust Ceremony, Lawmaker Decries Spread of Anti-Semitism
27.01.2014 Holocaust Remembrance Day Marks 69 Years since Nazi Auschwitz Death Camp's Liberation
27.01.2014 Auschwitz Survivors Mark Liberation Anniversary
27.01.2014 EU Parliament President Schulz on International Holocaust Remembrance Day: ‘Holding a Memorial Ceremony Cannot Undo the Atrocities That Happened To So Many Families but It Can Serve As a Warning’
27.01.2014 Auschwitz Survivors, Israeli Lawmakers Mark 69 Years since Camp's Liberation
06.12.2013 Address by Irina Antonova, President of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, at the Opening of the Exhibition “My Homeland is Within My Soul”of the Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery (MAGMA)
24.01.2013 Holocaust Memorial to Become Official EP Event. No room for anti-Semitism in the EU, declares EP President
23.01.2013 Martin Schulz Stresses Importance of Binding Annual Shoah Commemoration in the European Parliament
23.01.2013 ‘Jews Live In Fear in Europe’, European Parliament President Says
23.01.2013 EU Places Holocaust Memorial Day on Its Official Calendar
22.01.2013 European Parliament to Mark Int'l Holocaust Day
17.01.2013 For the First Time the European Parliament Will Hold Next Week an Official Ceremony to Mark International Holocaust Day
17.01.2013 EU Places Holocaust Memorial on Official Calendar
23.03.2012 European Jewish Congress President Praises French Authoritiers for Neutralizing Al-Qaeda Linked Terrorist
19.03.2012 UN, Israel Lead Condemnation of France School Killings
19.03.2012 World Jewish Congress Reacts with Horror and Shock at Deadly Attack against Jewish School in France
19.03.2012 France: Toulouse in Lockdown as Police Search For Killer of Jews
19.03.2012 After Toulouse Attack: Sarkozy Cancels Campaign Events, Jews Warn Of Rising Anti-Semitism
19.03.2012 Four Reported Dead In Shooting at Jewish School in France
27.01.2012 The World Observes International Holocaust Remembrance Day
26.01.2012 Holocaust Remembrance Day Marked At European Parliament in Brussels
25.01.2012 European Parliament Marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day
25.01.2012 The New President of the European Parliament Opens International Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony by Stressing the German ‘Specific Responsibility’
19.01.2012 International Holocaust Remembrance Day to Be Marked Next Week in the European Parliament
12.01.2012 Belgium Design Duo Alters Holocaust-Themed Fence
25.01.2011 International Holocaust Memorial Day Marked By Unique Event in the European Parliament in Brussels
24.01.2011 European Jewish Leader to Warn Against Re-Emergence of ‘Extremist Forces’ In Europe
06.12.2010 Imams, Rabbis in Brussels to Improve Muslim-Jewish Ties
30.06.2010 EJC President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor Expresses Condolences upon the Loss of Prof. Alfred Donath
03.03.2010 European Jewish Congress President calls for urgent cooperation with Israeli Government against the Israel delegitimisation campaign in Europe
27.01.2010 Krakow Hosts the Third “Let My People Live!” International Forum
26.11.2009 RF President Dmitry Medvedev and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Moscow with an official delegation from the European Jewish Congress
24.11.2009 Russian Foreign Minister Meets with EJC Delegation
21.09.2009 Statement of the President of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe Viatcheslav Kantor on the occasion of the International Day of Peace
16.09.2009 European Jewish group calls on EU to take ‘courageous step’ against Goldstone report
10.09.2009 Viatcheslav Kantor: In Terms Of Its Culture Of Tolerance Bulgaria Excels Many EU Countries
09.09.2009 European Jewish leader: EU-Israel economic ties must not be utilized as bargaining chip
08.07.2009 EJC President Meets with Polish Leadership
25.06.2009 European Jewish Congress Congratulates Former EJC Vice President Henry Grunwald on Award of Officer of the British Empire
10.06.2009 The Museum of Avant-Garde Mаstery to Unveil Collection at “My Homeland is within My Soul: Art without Borders” Exhibition at the Palace of Nations, Geneva, from June 12 to July 17, 2009
09.06.2009 Geneva Exhibit of Russian Avant-Garde Art Celebrates Jewish Contribution to European Culture
03.06.2009 European Jewish Group Concerned about Anti-Semitic Rhetoric by Candidates for EU Parliament
01.06.2009 Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to meet Russian leadership
21.05.2009 President of European Jewish Congress Meets with Italian Prime Minister
21.04.2009 Revisionist History and Hatred Should Not Rule the Day at Durban II
04.02.2009 EU Parliament Refuses to Denounce Rising Anti-Semitism
28.01.2009 Address by Viatcheslav Kantor, President of the Russian and European Jewish Congresses at the Memorial Event on the Occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day
08.12.2008 Moscow celebrates first day of tolerance
16.11.2008 Kaliningrad Hosts Memorial Event Commemorating 70 Years since Die Kristallnacht
12.11.2008 EJC and RJC President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor Commemorates 70th Anniversary of die Kristallnacht with European Rabbis in Prague
11.11.2008 European Jewish Congress encourages Europe to step up efforts to promote tolerance. New initiatives presented to European leaders in Brussels
09.11.2008 Moshe Kantor:
03.11.2008 EJC and RJC President Moshe Kantor Visits Denmark On 175th Anniversary of Copenhagen
31.10.2008 Cemetery desecration: Romanian Jews denounce the authority
31.10.2008 In Advance Of National Unity Day, Russian Jewish Congress Calls for International Peace and Reconciliation
29.10.2008 European Jewish Congress Meets with Turkish Prime Minister, President and Foreign Minister
21.10.2008 Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor Participates in Memorial Events
07.10.2008 New European Council on Tolerance: We Demand Action from the Citizens of Europe
06.10.2008 EJC President Moshe Kantor visits Brussels to meet Belgian Jewish Community
24.09.2008 EJC President Moshe Kantor attends WJC Governing Board Meeting
22.09.2008 RJC Welcomes Visa-Waiver Programme Between Russia and Israel
17.09.2008 EJC Executive Meets in Brussels
16.09.2008 EJC President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor: Military Action against Iran Only Under UN Auspices
26.08.2008 In response to the Berlin Holocaust Memorial Attack. Statement of the European Jewish Congress
01.07.2008 European Jewish Congress Met with EU Leadership to Discuss Iranian Nuclear Threat, Growing Anti-Semitism, Promoting Tolerance and EU-Israel Relations
26.06.2008 European Jewish Congress President Kantor Meets with PACE President
20.06.2008 The Russian Jewish Congress Presents the Killing Sites of Russia Project
03.06.2008 The European Jewish Congress Denounces Iranian President
28.05.2008 Aleksander Kwasniewski attended the EJC Executive Meeting in Brussels
25.05.2008 Jewish Community Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Israel with Concert at Great Choral Synagogue
15.05.2008 Viatcheslav Kantor Welcomes MGIMO Initiative
14.05.2008 President of European Jewish Congress Moshe Kantor:
08.05.2008 Tour of Italy and Macedonia allows EJC Leaders to Salute Israel
07.05.2008 President of the European Jewish Congress Visits Macedonia
14.04.2008 Luxembourg Forum Advisory Council
08.04.2008 Iranian Nuclear Threat, Union for the Mediterranean Initiative and Growing Anti-Semitism were discussed at the European Jewish Congress Meeting with Current Chair of EU Presidency
21.03.2008 EJC Secretary General Serge Cwajgenbaum Receives Officer Degree of the French Legion of Honour Order
07.03.2008 European Jewish Congress Condemns Terror Attack in Jerusalem
26.02.2008 President of the European Jewish Congress Says Anti-Semitism at Threatening Level
12.02.2008 Boris Zabarko
12.02.2008 EJC President Meets With Secretary General of the Council of Europe
11.02.2008 EJF Executive Council Reports on Major 2007 Projects and 2008 Agenda
10.02.2008 European Jewish Congress GA Extraordinary Session Held in Paris. New Constitution adopted and Congress
04.02.2008 EJC President Moshe Kantor meets with Greek Leadership
01.02.2008 EJC President Meets with Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister, Mayor of Jerusalem and Likud Chairman
29.01.2008 President of the European Jewish Congress Takes Part in the WJC Board of Governors Session and Meets Top Israeli Politicians
28.01.2008 EJC President Speaks to the European Parliament in Brussels and Meets with European Commission President Barroso and high EU officials
27.01.2008 European Jewish Congress President Concerned about Escalation of Nazism in Europe
02.01.2008 President of the European Jewish Congress Warns Europe from Growing Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Tolerance towards Iran
20.12.2007 Declaration of the International Conference on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe
19.12.2007 EJC Executive meets in Frankfurt
28.11.2007 Dedicated to the memory of my friend
18.11.2007 EJC President meets British Jewish Community, joins the Veteran March in London
09.11.2007 President of the European Jewish Congress Moshe Kantor Participates in Meetings of the Delegation from the Anti-Defamation League with Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Council of Federatio
07.11.2007 EJC President Kantor congratulates German Chancellor Merkel on award of Leo Baeck Prize
11.10.2007 European Jewish Congress Meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin