President of the Republic of Latvia

Riga, September 6, 2005 Nr. 432

Mr. Moshe Kantor
President of the World Holocaust Forum Foundation
Chairman of the Board of Governors
European Jewish Congress

Dear Mr. Kantor,

Thank you for your kind invitation for me to extend support and patronage to the World Holocaust Forum Foundation. I see this significant gesture as a fitting recognition of Latvia's accomplishments since the reestablishment of my country's independence in 1991. While Latvia is building its future as a modern European, democratic nation, it is also determined to remember the crimes against humanity committed by the totalitarian regimes on the Latvian soil during the 20th century, and particularly the Holocaust. This work would hardly be imaginable without the long-lasting support of the International Task Force on the Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research, European Jewish Congress and other Jewish organizations. I therefore use this opportunity to thank you for supporting our aspirations, and would like to express Latvia's strong interest in working together with the World Holocaust Forum Foundation in the future.

Wishing you every success in your noble endeavors and looking forward to seeing you again,
Yours sincerely,

Vaira Vike - Freiberga
President of the Republic of Latvia

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