President of Ukraina

Mr. V.V.Kantor
World Holocaust Forum Foundation

Dear Mr. Kantor

The events in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz-Birkenau liberation which were held in Krakow (Poland) thanks, in particular, to your active involvement, last January, left unforgettable memories.

Nowadays such events can hardly be overestimated. Due tribute to the memory of millions of innocent people killed by Nazis in Europe and dissemination of the historical truth among the today’s youth provide guarantee that the tragic event will not happen in the future.

The Tragedy in Babi Yar during the World War II is still the stinging pain in the hearts of Ukrainian people.

I am grateful to accept your offer to provide the patronage of the President of Ukraine to the World Holocaust Forum Foundation and grant my full support for its important targets and objectives.

Yours sincerely,
Viktor Yushchenko

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